Want a Succesful Business?

Content, training and resources to eliminate the overwhelm out of growing a profitable business.

Everything you need to make more money online, grow a new audience of raving fans, and run a profitable business on semi-autopilot.

(because even something autonomous still needs a navigator.)

If you’re a coach, consultant, service provider, thought leader, author, expert, creator, mentor, specialist …

You have some knowledge in some thing.

Finding sales for your business depends on getting new clients.

Not just any clients.

Loyal clients.

Clients aligned with your core values and thrilled to work with you.

Clients who understand (your) uniqueness in relation to others in your competitive space.

They’re highly coachable, decisive and creative.

They do the work. They get the outcomes and make you look like a hero.


The current client attraction strategies being taught don’t work.

Content marketing, social media posting, website articles, videos. None of that works. Complicated funnels and even the coveted video.

None of them work either.

They’re only good for building an audience, not for making sales.

Growing income isn’t the same as growing an audience. Having a large following on social media doesn’t make bank.


We show you how to get consistent revenue and find perfect clients. The secrets are simple.

A combination of

  1. the right tactical sales and
  2. the right mindset.

We give you the technical support and the tools, and get you in the right mindset.

The right combination of these two (secrets) create a thriving business on semi-autopilot.

Coaching  is one of the fastest ways to grow your business without having to hire a large team.

A Bit About Me

I’m Margie, founder of the Boss Ladies Project. I could tell you that I’m an award winning design director, marketing strategist, business mindset coach, computer systems engineer. Owned 6 and 7 figure businesses over my thirty year career. Worked with Fortune 500 brands and advertising agencies in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto. Have extensive experience spanning three decades across many verticals from distribution, retail, IT Consulting in B2B, and direct to consumer product. Yeah, that’s a lot but it’s not the human me. That’s just a resume.

I want you to get to know the me that cares about you!

I care about helping women elevate themselves to their fullest potential because my experience of suppression taught me one thing. We must create our own path in this world but we need mentors and guides along the way otherwise we will not truly find that path. Why empower women? When women have equal opportunity to develop as entrepreneurs, they create influence which can then be applied to create impact for good. And by being exposed to organizations like Boss Ladies Network and United Nation’s UN Women, they can see the need for change. By having the power to create change, they can ultimately activate the humanitarian in them and become that change. We’ve empowered over 5,000 women and when we reach 10,000 & they each empower 100 women, than collectively we will have helped 1,000,000 women worldwide live a better life.

Would you like to know about our involvement with the UN Women’s Initiative?

Experience when you need it.
Wisdom to help you see the possibilities.
Grit to get things done.

Lina Botero
Lina Botero
Mentor For Women in Engineering, Project Manager, Civil Engineer, President of We Fix It Management.
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Margie made this possible for us. “With Margie on my side, my business and I gained the comprehensive platform integrations to turn social conversations into loyal customers. You’ll see how social can solve practical business problems and deliver real value, Margie made this possible for us. Every aspect of Margie’s strategy was designed to clear the vision and core of my business, through her wisdom, knowledge, expertise, creativity, leadership, motivation, consistency and effective communication. Her great coaching guided me, inspired me and empowered me to achieve my full potential. I recommend her highly” If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. LinkedIn Profile
Jenn Drakes
Jenn Drakes
Life Mentor & Guide | Author | Poet | Podcaster | Talk Show Host – LinkedIn
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If you are serious about your business, my advise is to work with Margie! One of the challenges I faced was understanding how best to navigate the world of social media in a meaningful way to generate business income. Before meeting Margie, I had online savvy professionals throw concepts at me, such as SEO, and other technical jargon that proved meaningless for aligning with a vision. Margie was very different – a breath of fresh air! She listened to the vision I had, and the frustration I felt in seemingly not being able to grasp the interplay of the various social media platforms to better inspire and support that vision. Moreover, when she spoke it was in a way that a business leader could understand, and it was strategic, collaborative, supportive, and most importantly, plausible. For the first time, I have a digital marketing design that is in cohesion with my vision. If you are serious about your business, my advise is to work with Margie! LinkedIn Profile
Dan Mariani, B.Sc., M.B.A.
Dan Mariani, B.Sc., M.B.A.Marketing Professor, University Toronto
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Margie is definitely a person I would want on my team. She is creative, detailed, has a great breadth of experience, innovative, responsive, insightful, and collaborative. I've worked with her on an automated marketing funnel project and have invited her to teach classes at the university. She's highly technical and has the marketing knowledge and business skills to get you where you want to grow in your business. She's certainly a doer with a tactical mindset to get things done. LinkedIn Profile

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