UN Women’s Initiative

UN Sustainable Development Global Goals Goal #5 is close to our heart, which one is close to yours? That’s the one you should start with. We strive to inspire more women entrepreneurs to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals because women who measure their success based on their ability to positively impact the world […]

50 Free IG Canva Templates Plus 150 Content Prompts to Engage Your Audience

50 Free IG Canva Templates Plus 150 Content Prompts to Engage Your Audience. The answer for those who ask themselves “What do I post on social media?” Previous Next Details Below TOTALLY FREE! Regular $99 Here’s What’s Included: 50+ Canva Templates Custom Designed: Includes Fully Editable Canva Templates Plus 3 Font Templates. Ready to customize […]

Canva Tutorial Playlist

Canva Playlist 10 Videos How to save your design 0:31 Save design as a PDF 0:36 Save your design as images 0:31 Save presentation as Powerpoint 0:38 Download, present. publish, share 1:00 Upload your own images 0:49 Choosing the right font 1:17 Add and remove text 1:21 Change your text font 0:41 Save designs to […]

Sample Templates Are On The Way

Business Coaching For Female Entrepreneurs Yay, Canva Templates Are On The Way! You should receive an email in the next five minutes. If you didn’t get it please check your promotion or junk folders. Email me if you didn’t receive it – margie @ bossladiesproject.com Is your client getting strategy put together with a bunch […]

sample Canva Templates To Try

Don’t know what to post on SOCIAL MEDIA? You need the CARE Strategy. We’ve included a few of our premium Canva templates for you to try FREE. They include a quick guide on using the CARE Strategy along with examples. Please let us know how you liked them and if they are helpful. Get Our […]

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Want a Succesful Business? Content, training and resources to eliminate the overwhelm out of growing a profitable business. Everything you need to make more money online, grow a new audience of raving fans, and run a profitable business on semi-autopilot. (because even something autonomous still needs a navigator.) Schedule a Free Consult How we can […]